Deep cycle 48V 100AH Lithium Battery for Electric tricycle

Deep cycle 48V 100AH Lithium Battery for Electric tricycle

Solar Battery 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Storage Battery Pack 








1) Super longevity .Its cycle can reach as long as 4000 times which is 7-8 times of SLA .

2) No pollution .Our battery is absolutely green product, while LiCoO2 and SLA cause serious pollution to the environment .

3) High security .Our battery is 100% safe lithium battery in the world .It will never catch fire under worst condition

4) Can discharge with high drain .

5) Can stand deep discharge till 100% DOD. Even the voltage goes down to nearly 0 volt shortly, it can still remain to normal voltage

6) Stand very high temperature .Even suitable to use in 70centigrade . It is the battery which can stand the highest temperature among all other rechargeable battery .It also can stand -20 centi degree cold temperature

7)Maintenance free , half year use( charge and discharge) battery by one time that is ok, .Has a shelf life of 30 years.

8) Good performance, light weight

9) Economic power, If you consider about the every cycle life, LiFePO4 battery is even cheaper than LA battery. And for LA battery you have to consider about the maintaining fare and disposal fare as well.

10) Customize battery




 • 1.Electric vehicles, EV cars, hybrid buses, e-bikes, electric scooters, e-bus, golf trollery,caravan

 • 2.Electric boats, ships, catamarans, submarines 

 • 3.Mobile homes, campers and trailers 

 • 4.Small solar applications

 • 5.Large PV installations - off grid power supplies 

• 6.Smart-grid solutions – energy storage and balancing 

• 7.Backup systems, UPS, generators 





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