Deep cycle 48V 20AH Lithium Battery For Electric vehicle

Deep cycle 48V 20AH Lithium Battery For Electric vehicle

Deep cycle 48V 20AH Lithium Battery For Electric vehicle

1. Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions 

2. Intra-module balancing 

3. Maintenance-free 

4. Thousands of cycles, under normal conditions 

5. Can be charged using most standard lead-acid chargers 



Battery TypeLiFePO4
Nominal Voltage48V
Nominal Capacity20Ah
Charge MethodCC/CV
Discharge Cut-off Voltage40.0V
Standard Charge Current20Ah
Standard Continuous Discharge Current20A
Peak charge and discharge current 40A
Cycle Life> 4000 cycles
Dimension (mm)230*180*172mm
Self-Discharge Rate (Residual capacity)≤3%/month
Charge Temperature-0℃~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range-20℃~65℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~45℃





Golf trolleys, Golf carts,

 UPS backup

 Fire alarm and security systems

 Telecommunication equipment

 Electric equipment and telemeter equipment

 Light equipment, dc 12v led lights 

Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine

 Toys and consumer electronic

Solar systems 12v

Portable power tools measuring and medical equipment Portable video camera portable personal computer

Garden lighting

Sound systems

And etc 



Safety:Passed the below abuse and safety test-short-circuit, dropping, nail penetration, impact, crush, thermal shock, over-charge,over-discharge: no fire, no explosion with stable chemical structure.

High energy densityAbout 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries

 Have no environment pollutionNo memory effect, 

40000 times cycle-lifeSafe and reliable,

 non-explosive under piercing, non-incinerated under over voltage,

 Low self dischargePrefect for energy storage and power tool use

 long cycle-life,high capacity